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  • 2nd Rank In Gujarat Vadodara City Topper science PR 99.98 | Phoenixian achieve an outstanding result in 2021 SSC: 23 STUDENTS SCORING MORE THAN 97+ PR | 63 STUDENTS SCORING MORE THAN 91+ PR | 68 STUDENTS SCORING MORE THAN 80+ PR---Result HSC:18 Students Achieve A1 GRADE With 97+ | 85 STUDENTS SCORING WITH A2 GRADE----- Phoenixian achieve an outstanding result in GUJCET 2021 8 STUDENTS SCORING MORE THAN 97+ PR | 56 STUDENTS SCORING MORE THAN 80+ PR |---Phoenixian achieve an outstanding result in NEET 2021 Top 3 Students Ranks 600 Above | 6 Students Ranks 500 Above--- Phoenixian achieve an outstanding result in JEE MAIN 2020 7 STUDENTS SCORING all india rank | 12 Students Scoring More Than 90+ PR --- PETEX 2022-23 Online Test for Admisson 2022 Registration Open | GET BOARD 2021 SAMPLE PAPER WITH REDUCED SYLLABUS IN SAMPLE PAPER SECTION | Phoenixian achieve an outstanding results : 10 STUDENTS Achieve A2 Grade With 97+ PR Rank in HSC 2020 BOARD EXAM | 47 STUDENTS SCORING MORE THAN 90+ PR Rank in HSC 2020 BOARD EXAM | 89 STUDENTS SCORING MORE THAN 80+ PR Rank in HSC 2020 BOARD EXAM |4 STUDENT SCORING MORE THAN 99+ PR in SSC EXAM 2020 | 84 STUDENTS SCORING MORE THAN 90+ PR in SSC EXAM 2020 | 35 STUDENTS SCORING MORE THAN 80+ PR in SSC EXAM 2020 | 4 STUDENTS Ranks 600 Above IN NEET 2020| 17 STUDENTS Ranks 400 Above in JEE NEET EXAM 2020 | 4 STUDENT SCORING MORE THAN 95+ PR in JEE MAIN EXAM 2020 | 27 STUDENTS SCORING MORE THAN 90+ PR in JEE MAIN EXAM | | TIMES ICON OF VADODARA 2022 : WE ARE AWARDED BY THE TIMES OF INDIA TAGGING WITH BEST SCIENCE SCHOOL AND INSTITUTE FOR JEE/NEET/GUJCET/FOUNDATION

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Phoenix's Facilities

Phoenix Institute operates in a new and modern facility made up of 6 regular classrooms, science lab, Study Material, Doubt Solving Sessions, Smart Class, Biometric Attendance, CCTV Monitoring & Fire Safety, and Transportation.


Daily Reading Planner

A daily reading planner is provided to students to plan their studies accordingly, It helps students in getting punctual and plan their respective subject learning accordingly.


Study Material

Students waste a lot of time finding the suitable study material for their respective subject. Here at PHOENIX integrated Study material of every subject prepared by experts is being provided to students.


RTE (Regular Test And Evaluation)

PHOENIX evaluation system monitor day to day progress of students. It encourages students for daily studies and is proved to be an important parameter to cultivate daily habit of reading and preparing for examinations.


Advance Course Completion

At PHOENIX INSTITUTE we thrive to complete the syllabus in advance to ensure that students get maximum time to reiterate their learning and revise all the concepts, theories and numerical in advance before appearing in examination.


Online Test

Why not to reduce the use of paper rather than shouting about the Global Warming? PHOENIX has always kept its head high in terms of initiatives and here as well we have introduced ONLINE TEST SYSTEM and once the students have written their test, the results are sent to the parent registered mobile number via SMS and Application notification.


Doubt Solving Sessions

It is said that every student has different patterns of learning and understanding concepts, So it is quite natural to have doubts in topics that do not match their frequency of grasping. So DSS bridge the gap between understanding concept and preparing the topics. PHOENIX doubt Counters are favorite spots for competitive students.


Smart Class

Well Furnished classrooms with air conditioners make the environment conducive for learning, audio-visual equipment through which students can get deep knowledge of each subject.



We are obliged to provide quality education not only to the students in the vicinity of the INSTITUTE but also to the students staying in far-flung areas. Hence., an up-to-date transport facility is our USP for all the students.



Many students come from far off places and struggle to find safe and hygienic place for accommodation where they can study in proper way. PHOENIX INSTITUTE provides furnished boarding and lodging facility to all out-station students joining PHOENIX Programs. Appropriate assistance may be provided to the students regarding the same.


Integrated School Programme

At PHOENIX there is a provision of INTEGRATED SCHOOLING along with the competitive coaching at one place, Interested candidates can apply for INTEGRATED SCHOOL PROGRAM to avail the facilities.


Bio metric Attendance, CCTV Monitoring & Fire Safety

PHOENIX has never left any stones unturned when it comes to facilitating students with modern equipment. The INSTITUTE is well protected with CCTV cameras all around the campus to ensure students safety.


Expert Faculties

The most talented faculties blend their subject knowledge with their years long experience to teach State Board syllabus and passionately help students clear various competitive exams. PHOENIX Faculties are available round the clock to guide the students, may it be their academics or pangs of growing.


Director himself is a teacher

Mukesh Dadvani sir takes entire 12th syllabus Also he continuously motivates and encourages the students to study and prepare efficiently. Also he ensures the smooth execution of the planner as well as students synchronisation with it.


Personal Care & Personal Teaching

Here at Phoenix we individually focus on the weak topics of every student by providing them one to one personal doubt solving sessions to ensure overall preparation.